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2019 Maths

Our buddies thought of a fantastic idea this Friday, where we wrote the year and then had to find different ways to make each number. We added numbers together and even took numbers away to find our answers!


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Join us at Stay and Play tomorrow!

Sorry for the short notice, but as it is the first Friday at school of the month you are all more than welcome to join us in our classroom from 09:00-09:30! Look forward to seeing you then. 😀

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January’s Right

With the beginning of the New Year, we have had a class discussion all about New Years’ resolutions and linked this in to having a growth mindset. We looked at things we can’t do yet, but we will be able to do soon with some practise or help. The most important outcome of this discussion was that we all decided to be the best we can be in 2019!

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How would you catch a star?

On Monday we read the story, ‘How to Catch a Star’, by Oliver Jeffers. The little boy tried to catch the star in lots of different ways, can you remember any of these? We then thought of how we would catch a star and wrote it as a sentence, remembering to stretch out the words to hear all of the sounds. Here are a few of our sentences;

” I am on a rocket ladder”-Daniel

” I am on a unicorn ”- Rania

” I am on top of the school”- Shotaro

” I am going up the ladder”- Nolan

” I jumped onto a dolphin and then a parrot”- Juliette

” I am on a giraffe’s neck and my cat is waiting at the bottom”-Lottie

” I jumped up and grabbed it from my rocket”- Aghna

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December’s Right

As a Rights Respecting School we have been learning about children’s rights since the beginning of the year. During assembly today the whole school talked about our focus this month on Article 14, ‘The Right to follow your own religion”. In the lead up to our Nativity we have been talking about this in class.

-Everyone has the right to have their own thoughts and beliefs and to choose their own religion with parental guidance.

– We will all listen and learn about each other’s thoughts and beliefs even if they are different from our own.

-Everyone should be treated the same no matter what they believe.

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Donald is back!

We had a fantastic time on Monday afternoon with Donald the Zoologist. We explored lots of ‘festive’ animals. Donald showed us what reindeer’s eat (lichen), we held their antlers and even touched their bones, before acting like them! We also learnt about different types of penguins and how they huddle to keep warm in Antarctica. Now we all want to be explorers too!